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This questionnaire must be completed and submitted to Human Resources/Employment Services before utilizing the services of an individual contractor. This contractor form must be completed even in those cases where payment is to be made to the individual's business rather than to the individual.

If it is determined that the individual qualifies as an independent contractor, then you will receive an e-mail with a link to an Independent Contractor Agreement which must be completed and signed. Submit the contract to Payable Accounting when processing the payment. If it is determined that the individual should be processed as an employee rather than an independent contractor, then the necessary employment forms should be processed through Human Resources/Employment Services.

Please provide the following information concerning the individual whom you would like to hire.


Answer the following questions to determine Independent Contractor/Employee status:

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5. Is this individual immediately related to any employee in the University? If yes, specify person and relationship:*

Note:   For conflict of interest information, please visit Contracting & Purchasing Services' Website.

      Is payment > $2,500? Yes No     Enter (est.) dollar amt :

The CMU employee completing the questionnaire should provide the following information:

The questionnaire will automatically transmit to Human Resources/Employment Services or ORSP (if WBS element is checked or a grant cost center is used), when "submit" is clicked on.

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