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If you do not receive a bid, purchase order, or contract from Central Michigan University within three years, you must submit a new vendor profile form.

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CMU's primary method of payment is through our ActivePay Program- if you are unable to accept a Visa, the payment term of 1.5% Net 15 will be automatically set up for your account.

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Bids are sent to those vendors who have established a reputation as dependable, reliable, ethical and conform with standard business practices.

Central Michigan University (CMU) desires to comply with the levels of sustainability found within the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Vendors are therefore, encouraged to offer as alternates products, services, or processes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly if available and not specified in CMU bid documents. All alternates to CMU’s specifications must be clearly identified by the supplier. The environmental benefits must be clearly identified with supporting documentation included. Examples of such environmental benefits include but are not limited to: energy star rating, reduced life cycle costs, reduced energy consumption, recycled content, recycling, extended product life, and decreased maintenance.

CMU requests vendors not to offer/provide gifts (tickets, trips, etc.) to faculty/staff. Faculty/Staff may only accept advertising or promotional material of nominal value from an individual or organization which engages in commercial transactions with CMU. It is our expectation that you will honor this request.

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CMU (AA/EO Institution) encourages diversity, and resolves to provide equal opportunity, regardless of race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or other irrelevant criteria.