Last Updated: 07/13/2007

Personal Transportation or Rental Vehicle: Which is more cost effective?
Notwithstanding an individuals personal preference, availability, leave time, etc., the following break even analysis can be used to help determine the least expensive choice for your department and CMU.  

One Day Trip Analysis: The analysis compares:

  1. A full size car rental from Enterprise (currently $36) 
  2. Using the CMU Visa Business card which includes collision insurance
  3. Gas at .074 per mile, (based on $1.85/gallon and 25 miles per gallon)

    Against being reimbursed at .375 cents/mile (CMU's current rate).  

  • Less than 120 Miles Round Trip:  Personal transportation is the least expensive.
  • Over 120 Miles:  Enterprise is the least expensive

Traveling More than one day? 
Use this form to determine the most cost effective way to travel.  

Rental Vehicle Costs

Step One: Calculate Cost of Gas Per Mile
$ Enter cost of "Gas Per Gallon"
  Enter "Miles Per Gallon" (Enterprise vehicle)

Step Two: Cost of Vehicle
$Enter the "Enterprise Vehicle Rental Rate"
  Enter "Number of Days Renting" Vehicle

Step Three: Calculate Break Even Miles
$  Enter CMU's Travel Reimbursement per mile


  Enter Round Trip Miles

  • If your roundtrip mileage will be over the "break even" mileage, Enterprise would be the least expensive alternative.
  • If your roundtrip mileage will be under the "break even" mileage, personal transportation would be the least expensive alternative.